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Work Culture

Our AICS model (Associate, Investor, Client and Society) is the fabric of LexCare. Our key belief is in the fact that the main contributor for Client Centricity in Associate Empowerment. At LexCare we believe in encouraging associates to take responsibility for which empowerment comes hand in hand. Our organization is build with an objective to groom next level leadership all the time. Our Induction Program, Training Sessions, Culture Sessions are focused on Client Centricity with the objective of providing maximum value to our Clients.Our focus is to bring talent from the Educational Institutions, provide opportunities to them and groom them through our Leadership Foundation Programs. The best experience can be gained by individuals is by working in the field and our business model enables individuals to closely work with clients and gain valuable experience which in turn will help LexCare.
We believe in Work-Life Balance and encourage associates to become more productive during the working hours and at the same time take off on the weekends and holidays. Through our Digital Platforms we help associates to become more productive.
We balance the heavy work schedule by having numerous social events and team gathering throughout the year and encourage comradeship.
Being a Knowledge Organization, we have specifically designed programs throughout the year to share, store and assimilate knowledge of both the Legal Domain and Information Technology using state-of-the-art digital platforms. The best practices will always help LexCare to provide better service to client every time when it embarks on a new engagement.