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Compliance Solution

In a global marketplace, an effective compliance program is a critical component of a company’s internal controls and is essential in detecting and preventing compliance violations. An effective compliance program promotes “an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with the law.”

LexCare Compliance System

LexCare has thoughtfully designed comprehensive framework for an effective corporate compliance program. Huge experience of LexCare’s promoters in this domain helped LexCare to build solution with very unique differentiators and which addresses client’s exact needs

LexCare Compliance Tool will help you to comply with these provisions of Companies Act 2013 and all Laws applicable to your Company

  • Section 134 (5) (f) under the Companies Act 2013 mandates the Directors’ Responsibility Statement to include the statement that the “directors had devised proper systems to ensure compliance with the provisions of all applicable laws and that such systems were adequate and operating effectively”
  • Section 205(1) requires Company Secretary to report to the Board about compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act, the rules made thereunder and other laws applicable to the company

Scope & Methodology

  • Preparation of Probable list of applicable Laws based on initial research
  • Physical Visit/Con-calls for understanding activities/process in detail
  • Meeting with process owners for identification and Finalisation of applicable Laws and Compliances
  • Coordination with process owners for taking inputs on organogram for defining ownership for each Compliance in the system
  • Uploading of finalized checklist and organogram in the system and activation of all compliances by putting dates
  • Training to all identified users
  • Issuing login ID & password to each user
  • Going live with system
  • Providing Ongoing support to users
  • Providing Legal Updates on weekly basis

Key Features and Standard Pricing

Key Features
Exhaustive Compliance Repository
  • Exhaustive compliance repository under federal, state and local laws.
  • One Time, Periodic, Ongoing and Event Based Compliances
  • Intelligent Event/Topic wise Filters
  • Flexibility to include Internal & Contractual Compliances
  • Repository includes following category of laws
    • Corporate
    • Commercial
    • Labour, Welfare & Health
    • Safety
    • Environment
    • Information Technology
    • Intellectual Property
    • Taxation - Direct & Indirect
    • Import & Export(EXIM)
    • Treasury
    • Regulatory
    • Property
    • Local & Municipal
  • Dashboards for monitoring real time Compliance status of the organization
  • Various dashboards with drill down capabilityn
    • Entity Level Dashboard
    • Subsidiary Level
    • Location Level
    • Department Level
    • User Level etc.
  • Highly Customizable to suit organizations requirement
Flexible Workflow & Organization Structure
  • Flexible workflows to suit any size of organization
  • No Limit on number of Levels in the organization
  • Easy functionality to define organization structure and map relevant Compliance to relevant owner
  • Strong access controls
Compliance Calendar
  • Compliance Calendar as per the due date
  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly view
  • Drill down from calendar to see the upcoming compliance activity
  • Easy functionality to report compliance status from Calendar by uploading proof of compliance
Compliance Alerts & Escalations
  • Reminders well before the Compliance Due date
  • Escalations as per the organization structure to ensure compliance before the legal due date
  • Outlook Integration
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Link to LexCare link from alert email
Document Repository
  • Repository of all Important Documents Like
    • Permissions
    • Consents and Licenses
  • Repository for all Compliance Proofs
  • Easy search for Compliance Proofs
Show Cause Notices Tracking
  • Easy Functionality to upload show cause notices
  • Workflow to track notices
  • Notice Reply Documents
  • Reminders and Notifications
Reports & Certificate
  • Metrics Reports – Permutation and Combination to generate required report
    • Entity, Unit & Department Wise
    • User Wise
    • Impact Wise: (Severe, Major, Moderate, Minor and Low)
    • Complied / Non Complied (Status Wise)
    • Law Category Wise etc.
  • Dynamic Reporting - Easily configure your own reports, choose the columns you want to show on the report
  • Compliance Certificates
  • Configurable workflow to generate compliance certificates as per the organization structure
  • Compliance Certificates with detailed annexures
Legal Updates
  • Identifying changes in laws
  • Capturing exact change in the compliance in a particular format
  • Weekly patch file with detailed explanation of the Compliance change
  • Easy Functionality to upload Patch file
  • Auto-Communication to effected users
Other Features
  • Maker-Checker Functionality
  • Compliance SOPs
  • Audit & Inspection Module
  • Repository of Proof of Compliances
  • Compliance Audit Module
  • On Leave Functionality
  • Audit Trails
  • Equipment's Tracking
  • Integration with other Systems
  • Data exported to CSV, MS Excel and other standard formats
  • Strong Role Based Access Controls
  • Ready to use on Cloud; or on client’s premise hosting

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