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About us

LexCare is a specialized company in providing IT enabled Legal Compliance services to clients in India and abroad. We have in-house team of Lawyers, IT professionals and subject matter experts. We have created comprehensive repository of compliances under all (Central/State) Indian Laws and also Laws for other jurisdictions in a simplified language. We understand the challenges faced by businesses and hence we are committed to make compliance simplified for the organisation


Lead the way to simplify compliances for all businesses, enabling them to focus on their core activities and helping bring a positive change in the society.


  • Correctly interpret all laws of the land and present them in simplified language that a common man will understand
  • Spread awareness through digital platforms, forums and specialized campaigns that will enable us to reach most of the businesses even of the smallest size
  • Closely work with businesses to achieve maximum compliance by training, handholding and making the compliance part of their routine day to day activities
  • Highlight real compliance issues faced by businesses to government
  • Engage with businesses to maintain compliance level on a sustainable basis

  • Sustainable
  • Innovative
  • Making a Difference
  • Passionate
  • Leadership
  • Ethical
Our Differentiator – Client Centricity

The basic pillar of Lexcare Business Model is Client Centricity. We believe in providing the maximum value to our clients through continuous improvement of our services. Lexcare is built as client centered organization and its culture, processes and people are aligned towards Lexcare clients. In order to achieve and consistently maintain client centricity, Lexcare has appointed a "Neutral Third Party Client Centricity Arm" Sanjeevan Technologies who will independently interact with the clients, get their feedback and provide input to Lexcare. This third party arm is an expert Client Centricity Consulting Firm. It is Lexcare’s top management commitment that this feedback is acted upon all the time and closure to the issues will be achieved. It does not stop here, this Third Party Arm will periodically go back to the clients to take the feedback again to ensure that the issues have been drawn to closure. This will ensure that the client needs are best satisfied consistently.